A very special thank you to Robert Bateman for your encouragement and advice and your amazing gifts to the world through your continued work as a master wildlife artist, your teaching and through the Bateman Foundation.

Thank you to the amazing nature photographer Stefano Ronchi for your beautiful reference images and your encouragement.

Also thank you to Ian McAllister for your inspiring photographs and your work through Pacific Wild for the protection of our indigenous plants and animals and the preservation of the Pacific Northwest and The Great Bear Rainforest.

A portion of all sales from this website are donated to the Bateman Foundation and Pacific Wild.

Most of all, I'd like to thank my mother Louise, a prolific watercolour artist. She saw my artistic nature and nurtured that throughout my life. If anyone recognizes talent in me I want them to know that it was a gift from my mother.

Joelly Louise Cright 2019
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